We have Perfect Gifts for Infants and NewBorns.  Gift Wrapped and Shipped with a Card in your Name.

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Hand Knit 100% Cotton Blankets.    $115.00


       # 6916 Jungle Safari                                                                   # 5061  Sailboats



# 6434 Alphabet                                                                                                        # 6440  Whale Watch


# 5086  Noah's  Ark                                                                                         #5060  Birds & Butterflies






Elegant Baby Gifts                                 

100% Cotton Knit with 100%Poly Fur Back. Machine Wash & Dry

Pink # 12720,   Blue #938,   Grey #12719    $60.00  Gift Box Included.


Widgeon Classic Warm Plus  $53.00


Royal Blue #12762 12M-18M 2T

Hot Pink #12728  2T-3T-4T

Widgeon Classic Warm Plus  $53.00

Light Pink #12725 12M-18M & 2T

Light Blue #12758  6M-12M-18M & 2T

Call 508-945-9300  or email: fran@francesjohnston.com


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