Crescent Beach Floorcloth

Floorcloths or "Oylcloths" as they were called in England, are believed to have originated in France in the early 1400's. The are thought to be direct spinoffs of painted wall hangings and table runners. The British used the art form for painted canvas for the floor. They were cost effective, compaired to the expensive decorative marble floors of the day and they had the bonus of keeping the floor warmer in winter. Thomas Jefferson had one made for a small dining room in the Whitehouse. With the invention of linoleum in 1860 the art form of floorcloths all but vanished. The resurgence of this art form begin in the early 1960's and continues to be very popular today. Not many artist make floorcloths because of the time involved. Not only does the artist have to paint the picture or design on the special canvas, the floorcloth must be finished and treated to stand up to foot traffic so it can actually used as a floor cloth if not hung or mounted. These 100% hand painted and hand finished, signed floorcloths by Frances Johnston are original one of a kind artwork. They are finished and sealed with a poly-acrylic top coat and will stand up to years of foot traffic. There is one to greet you when you enter our Chatham Store and it is holding up very well. We also have several in our home which have held up to years of traffic from pug dogs, grandchildren and adults. We currently have 4 Floorcloths available in our store, ranging in cost from $245.00 to $450.00. They are all of local scenes around the Chatham Area. Custom designs and commissions are also possible. There is a lot of time and labor involved, but they are truly "one of a kind".